Regular member: A graduate in the health profession who has a Masters and / or S3 degree in the field of medical and health professions education

Young members: Bachelor in the field of health profession who is completing a master’s or doctoral education in medical and health education

Membership Requirements:

  • Agree to actively participate in activities set by the association;
  • Declare the consient to become a member by filling out a membership form;
  • Pay membership fees of IDR 1.600.000.00 for 5 years.


Member Rights:

  • Each Member has the right to obtain equal treatment;
  • Each Member has the right to cast votes / opinions, suggestions either verbally or in writing;
  • Every Ordinary Member has the right to be elected and elected in the election of the management of the association;
  • Each Member has the right to obtain protection and defense in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • Each Member has the right to participate in activities to increase knowledge and scientific as well as the development of human resources held by associations;
  • Each member gets a periodic scientific education magazine.
    Each member follows a regular meeting of members.

Obligations of Members:

  • Comply and fully implement all the Articles of Association and Bylaws and other provisions that have been determined by the management;
  • Maintain and uphold the good name of the association;
  • Having formal and moral attachments and upholding the good name, purpose and honor of the Association;
  • Having a high awareness to develop associations;
    Comply with meeting decisions;
  • Paying member fees;
    Actively participate in activities organized by the Association.