I AM-HPE Meeting

The Indonesian Health Professional Education College (I AM-HPE) held its second National Meeting on 4 March 2019 in Yogyakarta. This meeting is a follow up for the first national meeting last October 2018 in Jakarta. There were 11 members from across Indonesia attended the meeting. Several issues were discussed. Member with nursing background from Yogyakarta shared the challenge he faced at the workplace since medical and health professions education (MHPE) is not yet popular within nursing professions. He hoped the organization could endorse the MHPE graduates so that they could contribute more at home institutions without being questioned their competency and professional credibility. Similar situation also happens in Papua, where an MHPE graduate faced difficulty in her job promotion since the MHPE is not yet well-recognized. Another concern discussed was the lacking of organization promotion since not many MHPE graduates from Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Gadjah Mada aware of the I AM HPE. Strategies are needed to increase the membership. During the meeting, the potential topic for research collaboration was identified. dr. Phenny, who recently won an award in the WFME meeting at Seoul for her research in developing learning resource to improve the quality of learning, suggest that the organization should be able to utilize technology in its operation as well as any promotional activity. Overall, the meeting was well-appreciated by the members since they feel the need to share experiences and they see such professional meeting is important to find the best solution together. (Red)

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